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Part Number: 462-0511

Pedal pad, Brake and Clutch pedal, fits 510 and 240,260,280Z.  Made from aluminum and black anodized.  You'll need one for the clutch pedal and one for the brake pedal.

Price: $32.00

Part Number:  302-0511

Gas Pedal, SSS, fits 510, floor mount, replace stock plastic pedal with this black anodized aluminum pedal.

Price: $60.00


Part Number:  462/302-0511

Gas Pedal, Brake, and Clutch Pedal Pads, SSS, fits 510, floor mount gas pedal, replace the stock plastic gas pedal and rubber pedal pads on clutch and brake pedal with these black anodized aluminum pieces.

Price: $112.00

Part Number:  900-0888
C-pillar vent, Billet aluminum, replaces the old stock brittle plastic pieces on the interior of the C-pillar.  These are provided in an unanodized machined finish to allow you to finish them to match your car.  Four (4) pieces are required.  Sold and priced each.

Price: $22.80


Part Number: 920-XXXX 
Wheel spacer:  Precision billet aluminum wheel spacers.  Sizes listed are supplied with 4 x 4-1/2" and 5 x 4-1/2" bolt patterns.  We can also supply spacers with custom sizes and bolt patterns or they ca be made hub centric.  Prices are each
920-2501:  1/4" thick wheel spacer  $25.00
920-3701:  3/8" thick wheel spacer  $28.00
920-5001:  1/2" thick wheel spacer  $30.00
920-6201:  5/8" thick wheel spacer  $35.00
920-7501:  3/4" thick wheel spacer  $40.00
920-1000:   1" thick wheel spacer   $45.00
    920-1061: 1-1/16" thick wheel spacer $45.00
Call for custom sizes and bolt patterns

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