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When we have over stocked, used, obsolete, seconds with non critical manufacturing defects, usable prototypes, items not picked up by customers or left too long, or items outside of the normal scope of this business, we will post them here.  Also, from time to time we may run specials, which will also be posted here, so check back often.


Lightweight Aluminum Racing Wheels:  (8) 13" Diameter x 10" wide, Dual lug pattern, 4 x 4.5" and 4 x 4.25".  Four of the wheels are Duralite with no tire mounted and four are SEC with tires mounted.  These weigh 10 pounds.


They are used and came off of my Pro4 late model mini stock car.  


Price: $125.00/each


Part Number: 60-3220

 Hydraulic Release Bearing, 3 Leg, 44mm Bearing, 2.97/3.02 Tall

Tilton’s 3200-Series hydraulic release bearing (also known as a hydraulic throwout bearing) features a 44mm (1.75″) radius-face contact bearing diameter. Ideal for 5.5″ – 7.25″ clutches, the 3200-Series hydraulic release bearing is optimal for bulkhead-mounting inside transmissions or bellhousings.

This is an open box part.  Brand new.

Retail Price: $375.00

Sale Price: $200.00


Holley 500 2 barrel carburetor with air cleaner.

Used carburetor with air cleaner.  I don't know the history of this part.  The air cleaner does need new foam.  It was used on a Geromaly tubular manifold for a Nissan L-Series engine.  It's been sitting around for a while.

Price:  $50.00


Knuckle Riser, Z31 300ZX, 1" tall

3 pairs available

Price: $40.00/pair


Tilton Master Cylinder overstock
(1)   75-750U
Sale Price: $97.00
Retail Price: $120.00

Timkeen 224045 seal_edited.jpg

Timken Wheel Seal  1181

Datsun 510 Wagon Rear Axle Seal, (3) available

Price:  $5.00/each

Valve Lash Pads

Genuine Nissan Motorsports L-Series valve lash pads

Price:  $4.50/each

$4.00/each 50 to 100 pieces

$3.50/each 100 or more pieces

mix and match sizes

Available Sizes limited to quantity on hand

110-1130  .130

110-1250  .250

110-1260  .260

110-1270  .270

110-1280  .280

110-1290  .290

110-1300  .300

110-1310  .310

110-1320  .320

110-1330  .330

110-1340  .340

110-1350  .350

Lash pads
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